Life After Birth is dedicated to sharing postpartum
stories to support families who are transitioning
after the birth or adoption of a baby.

My name is Nina, I am the creator of Life After Birth. I live in Maine with my husband and son. I started Life After Birth when my son was 8 months old as an outlet for myself, and as a way to try to reach and support other new mothers who were scared, lost, confused, anxious or sad. This is not a blog about postpartum depression, anxiety, psychosis or rage; it is not a blog about natural parenting or breastfeeding. It is a blog about postpartum EVERYTHING. Parenting everything. You can read my story here.

The main goal here is to demystify the postpartum experience and allow families to feel supported and comforted by reading others’ stories.

If you would like to submit a story, here are some things to consider as you write, but please be creative and write what feels good to you. There is no length limit or requirement, and all types of stories are welcome.

– What was your birth or adoption experience like? How did it compare to any expectations you had?
– How do you feel your birth or adoption experience affected your postpartum experience?
– What most surprised you about your postpartum experience?
– What kind of support did you have after the birth or adoption of your child? What kind of support do you wish you had?

Please include your name, and whether you would like to remain anonymous. You may email your story and questions to

Thank you so very much!

Here’s a picture of my family and me: